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      Burkert Contromatic Inc.
      5002 South Service Road
      Burlington, Ontario L7L 5Y7
      Phone +1 905 632 3033
      Fax +1 905 632 3833
      E-Mail fnyrf.pn@ohexreg.pbz
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      Montreal Sales Center Bürkert Contromatic Inc.
      8104 Trans Canada Highway
      St. Laurent, Quebec H4S 1M5
      Phone +1 514 336 9033
      Fax +1 514 336 9034
      E-Mail fnyrf.pn@ohexreg.pbz
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Facts and Figures

An overview of Bürkert

facts and figures

Founded in:




Christian Bürkert

Type of company:

GmbH & Co. KG, 100% family owned


Bürkert family

Management Bürkert Group:

Heribert Rohrbeck

Management Bürkert Werke GmbH & Co. KG

Heribert Rohrbeck, Dr. Udo Gais, Frank Hils

Management Bürkert GmbH & Co. KG

Heribert Rohrbeck, Frank Hils

Company headquarters:

Ingelfingen, Germany

Branch offices:


product sales:

455,1 million euros


more than 2,500 worldwide (about 1,600 in Germany)

R&D rate:

7.1 %

Export rate:

72,1 %

Investment (asset) rate:

11.7 %


industrial measurement and control technology, fluid technology: Systems for measuring and controlling gases and fluids from individual valves, sensors or controls up to complete automation solutions and fluid systems.

Range of products and services:

Research & Development, production, Engineering & Consulting, Delivery, Commissioning, Training, After-Sales-Service


Water, Gas, Hygienic, Micro


level control, flow control, pressure control, temperature control, analysis control, dosing technology


Solenoid valves, process and control valves, pneumatics and process interfaces, sensors, transmitters & controllers, MicroFluidics, MFC/MFM, solenoid control valves

Industry examples:

Analysis technology, automotive industry, biotechnology, chemical industry, electronics, energy, genetic engineering, semiconductor industry, cosmetic, food & beverage and pharma industry, engineering, medical, sanitary engineering, textile industry, packaging and water treatment

Status: 2016

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