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Bürkert Campus Criesbach visibly grows in height

Thanks to the perfect collaboration between general contractor Wolff & Müller, planners and builder-owner Bürkert the 30 million major construction site in Criesbach makes great progress.

Buerkert Campus Criesbach

In the last couple of days the structural work and steel construction of the production building as well as of the 18-metre high-bay warehouse have been completed, trapezoidal sheet has been mounted and working on the facade has been started. At the training centre walls and ceilings have been covered with concrete and the company restaurant is gaining shape after the bottom panel was completed and the walls were built.

Progress can also be witnessed in other fields: At the so-called component D, which is an expansion of the existing plant 6, Bürkert are now - eight weeks prior to the planned start of construction - beginning with the structural work. The parking garage access is currently being poured with concrete and a gas pipe is being installed in the Keltenstrasse. The real heavy weights will come at the beginning of October. For the installation of two beams each weighing 25 tonnes, a 500-tonnes crane will be installed which is normally used for the setup of wind power stations.

The first important departments for the interior construction have already been assigned, i.a. the ventilation technology. Here, Bürkert decided to install a so-called unsteady ventilation system where the air is brought into the room and retracted from the room discontinuously. This is supposed to provide a more convenient circulation of air because the flow direction of the air is constantly changing. For the technology behind this system, the ventilation and air conditioning technology manufacturer HOWARTHERM uses, amongst others, flow sensors with the corresponding installation components from Bürkert.

The area of a total of 21,150 sqm will be completed by the end of July 2016. Until then, the area in Criesbach will include a production building with offices, a training centre, a parking garage, a company restaurant, an expansion of the already existing plant 6, and a high-bay warehouse.

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