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Calibration and cleaning tool for sensor modules

Drinking water as a food product must be precisely monitored in terms of area supply but also in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry. Thanks to the proven Online Analysis System Type 8905 from Bürkert, it is possible to measure all relevant parameters.

The modular system offers space for up to six sensor cubes for, among others, ORP (oxidation reduction potential or redox potential), pH value, chlorine, turbidity and conductivity measurements. Depending on the water quality, these sensors need to be cleaned at regular intervals in order to remove limescale, iron or organic deposits and, if necessary, recalibrated. In addition to the present, permanently installed automatic cleaning system MZ20, which cleans all sensors simultaneously in fixed cycles, a mobile variant is now available - the battery-operated handheld cleaning and calibration tool  MZ15. It enables simple manual cleaning and/or calibration of individual sensor cubes in the field without having to go to the trouble of handling reagents. The user can now respond quickly and in a needs-oriented manner to sensor drift and contamination and set flexible cleaning or calibration intervals, e.g. to meet company and user-specific quality standards.

The lightweight handheld tool is available as a basic version for cleaning and as an extended version that enables both cleaning and recalibration. To ensure easy handling, the tanks with cleaning liquid and, if needed, calibration solution are integrated in the handheld tool. The system has been optimised to guarantee low chemical consumption. The required liquids for cleaning or calibration are simply filled into the tanks. The hot swap-capable sensor cubes are then removed individually from the analysis system during operation, inserted into the cleaning tool, subsequently cleaned and, if needed, calibrated by the system and finally re-inserted into the Online Analysis System. Via the standard interface of the Bürkert device platform EDIP, based on CANopen, the MZ15 can be connected to a 7” touch screen or a PC with the Bürkert Communicator software. This enables quick and simple calibration and facilitates documentation tasks.

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