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    Type MZ20 - Cleaning System

    Produkt-Foto Typ MZ20

    Specific products may differ slightly from the general images shown.

    • Produkt-Foto Typ MZ20
    • Produkt-Foto Typ MZ20
    • Produkt-Foto Typ MZ20
    • Produkt-Foto Typ MZ20

    Type Description

    The Cleaning Module MZ20 and the Control Module ME24 are fully compatible to type 8905 systems. The Cleaning System is designed to clean the fluidic channels and in case the sensor area in the connected sensor cubes using up to two cleaning liquids. The cleaning is proceeded fully automatically. When a cleaning is requested e.g. by a timer within the Control Module, all necessary steps are started. Sample water stop -> dosing of cleaning liquid -> duration when cleaning is active -> flush system -> in case: dose next cleaning solution a.s.o. All timers and criteria are user defined and this allows optimized adjustment to the cleaning demand. The cleaning parameters might be set via 7” touch display at the 8905 Online-Analysis-System or by a Bürkert Communicator. Using the automatic cleaning system allows reducing the manual cleaning of the sensors and improve the long term stability of the measurements. The cleaning system operates without maintenance except the change of empty tanks by new filled cleaning solutions.

    • Automatic cleaning for type MSxx sensor cubes
    • Protection against clogging in the system and inside the sensor cubes for long time accurate measurements
    • Two cleaning liquids for specific cleaning procedures
    • Application specific programmable cleaning cycle

    To help select the correct product please refer to the technical data, images and notes for proper use found in the data sheet.

    Applications & Tools

    CAD Model

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    Data Sheets

    Language / Country
    DTS Type MZ20 data sheet | cleaning system 8905 1.8 MB EN / EU
    DTS Typ MZ20 Datenblatt | Reinigungsmodul System 8905 1.8 MB DE / DE
    DTS Type MZ20 fiche technique | Module de nettoyage pour système 8905 863.3 kB FR / FR

    User Manuals

    Language / Country
    MAN Accessory Type 8905 | Cleaning system for the online analysis system 2.2 MB EN / EU
    MAN Accessoire Type 8905 | Système de nettoyage pour le systèmed'analyse en ligne 2.2 MB FR / FR
    MAN Zubehör Typ 8905 | Reinigungssystem zum Online-Analyse-System 2 MB DE / DE

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